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Topic Description

Optimizing EHR to Improve Patient Care and Mitigate Risk

Michael L. Brody, DPM focuses on how to optimize technology to improve patient care and minimize risks.

Is This Patient A Good Candidate for Surgery?

This video will provide information to assist podiatrists in determining if a patient is a good surgical candidate and in improving the informed consent process in order to reduce risk.

Ohio Podiatric Lecture: Featuring The Jury's Out - Anatomy of a Podiatric Malpractice Trial

Lessons Learned from a Podiatric Malpractice Settlement.

Dr. Alan Banks discusses lessons which can be learned from a podiatric malpractice settlement.

How to Use PICA's Website.

A quick walk through of how to use the PICA website.

The Litigation Process

This video is an interview with a podiatrist who personally experienced the litigation process, his defense attorney and a psychiatrist who specializes in litigation support for physicians. This video will enable podiatrists to understand what it is like to be sued, to have knowledge of the litigation process and to implement coping mechanisms that can be utilized to reduce the stress of the litigation process.