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All webinar activities are provided by the Podiatric Insurance Company of America (PICA). PICA is approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education as a provider of continuing education in podiatric medicine.

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How to Properly Document DME and Avoid Paybacks, Fines and more…

A quick overview of the auditing process will enable you to properly document.

Paul Kesselman, DPM


Coding for Foot Care Questions Answered!

With foot care being the most common service provided by podiatrists, there is no room for error or risk, and these questions must be answered. At the completion of this webinar, you will code and document confidently for the foot care services that you provide.

Jeffrey D. Lehrman, DPM, FASPS, MAPWCA, CPC


Diabetic Foot Infections and the 2012 IDSA Guidelines

This program will address the ten most common questions with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot infection and the evidence-based recommendations presented by the 2012 IDSA Diabetic Foot Infection Guidelines.

Warren S. Joseph, DPM, FIDSA


HIPAA Update-2018

Federal law requires that all individuals who work in health care and come into contact with patient information must have training in the HIPAA regulations annually. This webinar will satisfy this federal requirement.

Michael Brody, DPM


Coding for Footcare...the Right Way!

This lecture discusses proper coding and essential documentation for footcare.

Jeffrey D. Lehrman, DPM, FASPS, MAPWCA


Updates on HIPAA, MIPS, and Health Information Technology

Understand how best to participate in MIPS in 2018 and maximize your MIPS Composite Score.

Michael Brody, DPM


Safe Opioid Prescribing

A one hour webinar on how we got into the opioid crisis, what podiatrists need to know about acute and chronic opioid prescribing, and then finally some recent orthopedic and podiatric data on how to prescribe opioids in the post-operative period.

Blake Fagan, MD


How To Deal With A Difficult Patient

This webinar will discuss the "difficult patient" issue starting with why patients can be difficult, and focusing on the emotional, psychological, and communication problems associated with this patient group.

John Evans, DPM, FACFAS


Venous Disease: Understanding Edema, Its Causes and What We Can Do

This lecture will review the venous vascular anatomy of the leg and help appreciate the incidence, severity and importance of peripheral edema.



 Managing the Risk of Coding and Documentation for Ulcer Debridement

In this webinar we will discuss diagnosis coding, CPT coding, and documentation requirements of some of the most commonly performed debridements.

Jeffrey D. Lehrman, DPM, FASPS, MAPWCA


Annual HIPAA Update

This session will review your responsibilities in protecting the privacy, security, integrity and availability of protected health information in all forms.

Michael Brody, DPM


Understanding the Risks to the Privacy of Your Data

A review of the most common types or risks to your data and the steps you can take to avoid a data breach.

Michael Brody, DPM


Perioperative Considerations

This presentation will review the collection process of patient medical information and highlight salient perioperative issues.

John V. Vanore, DPM


Yes, There Are Frequently Audited Codes

The presentation will be a review of some of the most frequently audited billing codes - the what, why, and how.

Harry Goldsmith, DPM


Understanding MIPS

This program will help you understand MACRA and MIPS and how this program works for the financial health of your practice.

Michael Brody, DPM


New Antibiotics for MRSA

Risks and benefits of the different antibiotics will be explored.

Warren S. Joseph, DPM, FIDSA


Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Clinician's Perspective

This presentation will delve into the burden of DFUs, their evaluation, treatment options and prevention.

Joseph M. Caporusso, DPM, MPH, CPI


The Assistant’s Role in Risk Reduction

This program will provide case examples in which the actions of a podiatric assistant was involved in the patient’s decision to file a lawsuit against the podiatrist and will discuss office systems that can be implemented to assist the assistant and the podiatrist in providing good patient care.

Barbara Bellione, RN, CPHRM, ARM


Using the Power of Patient Engagement to Grow Your Practice

Understanding how to use the power of patient engagement and how it will grow your practice and define the patient physician relationship.



Understanding Risks of DVT/PE in Foot and Ankle Surgery

A discussion of the risks of DVT in patients undergoing foot and ankle surgery, assessment of patient risks, and when prophylaxis may be warranted.

Alan Banks, DPM


H&P of the PodoPediatric Patient

This talk will help the practitioner feel they are thorough in working up a pediatric patient (so as not to miss anything).

Louis J. DeCaro, DPM


Risk Management for Sports Medicine in Podiatry

The lecture will cover some of the most common risks in treatment of athletes from a Podiatry standpoint.

Brian W. Fullem, DPM, FAAPSM, FACFAS


Psoriasis and Other Scaly Skin Disorders: Keys to Treating the Lower Extremity

Webinar discusses the most common topical and systemic medications used to treat psoriasis and other scaly skin disorders.

Tracey Vlahovic, DPM


Risks of Injections

This lecture will look at the risks of injections.



Helping Your Practice and Helping Your Patient While Limiting Risks

Attendees with be able to identifying conditions that from a medicolegal standpoint either respond routinely to conservative care or due to the severity of recovery and potential risk of complications that conservative management should be pursued.

Michael McGlamry, DPM, FACFAS


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